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Microstructure and thickening of dense suspensions under extensional and shear flows

  • Ryohei Seto (a1), Giulio G. Giusteri (a1) and Antonio Martiniello (a1)


Dense suspensions are non-Newtonian fluids that exhibit strong shear thickening and normal stress differences. Using numerical simulation of extensional and shear flows, we investigate how rheological properties are determined by the microstructure that is built under flows and by the interactions between particles. By imposing extensional and shear flows, we can assess the degree of flow-type dependence in regimes below and above thickening. Even when the flow-type dependence is hindered, non-dissipative responses, such as normal stress differences, are present and characterise the non-Newtonian behaviour of dense suspensions.


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Microstructure and thickening of dense suspensions under extensional and shear flows

  • Ryohei Seto (a1), Giulio G. Giusteri (a1) and Antonio Martiniello (a1)


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