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Propagation of obliquely incident water waves over a trench

  • James T. Kirby (a1) and Robert A. Dalrymple (a1)


The diffraction of obliquely incident surface waves by an asymmetric trench is investigated using linearized potential theory. A numerical solution is constructed by matching particular solutions for each subregion of constant depth along vertical boundaries; the resulting matrix equation is solved numerically. Several cases where the trench-parallel wavenumber component in the incident-wave region exceeds the wavenumber for freely propagating waves in the trench are investigated and are found to result in large reductions in wave transmission; however, reflection is not total owing to the finiteness of the obstacle.

Results for one case are compared with data obtained from a small-scale wave-tank experiment. An approximate solution based on plane-wave modes is derived and compared with the numerical solution and, in the long-wave limit, with a previous analytic solution.



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Propagation of obliquely incident water waves over a trench

  • James T. Kirby (a1) and Robert A. Dalrymple (a1)


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