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Streaming-enhanced flow-mediated transport

  • Tejaswin Parthasarathy (a1), Fan Kiat Chan (a1) and Mattia Gazzola (a1) (a2)


We investigate the ability of an active body (master) to manipulate a passive object (slave) purely via contactless flow-mediated mechanisms, motivated by potential applications in microfluidic devices and medicine (drug delivery purposes). We extend prior works on active–passive cylinder pairs by superimposing periodic oscillations to the master’s linear motion. In a viscous fluid, such oscillations produce an additional viscous streaming field, which is leveraged for enhancing slave transport. We see that superimposing oscillations robustly improves transport across a range of Reynolds numbers. Comparison with results without oscillations highlights the flow mechanisms at work, which we capitalize on to design (master) geometries for augmented transport. These principles are found to extend to three-dimensional active–passive shapes as well.


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Streaming-enhanced flow-mediated transport

  • Tejaswin Parthasarathy (a1), Fan Kiat Chan (a1) and Mattia Gazzola (a1) (a2)


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