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Closure of tracheocutaneous fistula using prefabricated conchal bowl cartilage and a supraclavicular flap

  • N Mundi (a1), K B Patel (a1), D H Yeh (a1) and A C Nichols (a1)



Tracheocutaneous fistula represents one of the most troublesome complications of prolonged tracheostomy. Simple closure of a fistula can be ineffective, particularly in the context of prior surgery and adjuvant radiation. As such, modes of repair have expanded to include locoregional flaps and even free tissue transfers.


This paper describes a case of persistent tracheocutaneous fistula in an irradiated patient who had undergone previous unsuccessful attempts at repair.

Method and results

The use of regional fasciocutaneous supraclavicular flap with prefabricated conchal bowl cartilage resulted in successful closure of the tracheocutaneous fistula.


This represents a novel technique for closure of such fistulas in patients for whom previous attempts have failed. This mode of repair should be added to the surgeon's repertoire of reparative techniques.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Dr Neil Mundi, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Western University, London Health Sciences Centre – Victoria Hospital, Room B3 - 453, 800 Commissioners Road E., London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5W9 E-mail: Fax: +1 (519) 685 8468


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Dr N Mundi takes responsibility for the integrity of the content of the paper



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