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Hearing loss in diabetics

  • J. R. Cullen (a1) and M. J. Cinnamond (a1)


The relationship between diabetes and senbsorineural hearing loss has been disputed. This study compares 44 insulin-dependent diabetics with 38 age and sex matched controls. All had pure tone and speech audiometry performed, with any diabetics showing sensorineural deafness undergoing stapedial reflecx decat tests. In 14 diabetics stapedial reflex tests showed no tone decay in any patient, but seven showed evidence of recruitment. Analysis of vaiance showed the diabetics to be significantly deafer than the control population.The hearing loss affected high frequencies in both sexes, but also low frequencies in the male. Speech discrimination scores showed no differences. Further analysis by sex showed the males to account for most of the differences. Analysys of the audiograms showered mostly a high tone loss. Finally duration of disbetes, insulin dosage and family history of diabtes were not found to have a significant effect on threshold.


Corresponding author

Mr J. R. Cullen, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University Floor, Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, BT9 7AB.


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This work was carried out at Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh.



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Hearing loss in diabetics

  • J. R. Cullen (a1) and M. J. Cinnamond (a1)


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