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Fabrication of dense alumina layer on Ti alloy hybrid by cold metal transfer and micro-arc oxidation methods

  • Rohit Khanna (a1), Ganapathiyankavu Pisharam Rajeev (a2), Hiroaki Takadama (a3) and Srinivasa Rao Bakshi (a2)

Recent advances in alumina ceramics are focused toward innovative processing routes to improve their mechanical reliability while retaining their superior wear resistance, which might be possible if a thin layer of dense alumina can be formed on a metallic substrate such as Ti–6Al–4V with high mechanical strength. For this purpose, we propose a new two-step process in which a dense layer of Al deposited on the Ti alloy by cold metal transfer method, formed a dense Al3Ti gradient reaction layer at their interface to improve adhesion in a single step. Subsequent micro-arc oxidation treatment transformed Al layer to a graded alumina layer in which γ-alumina decreased and α-alumina increased with increasing depth. Abrasion of outer regions revealed underlying pure α-alumina regions with high Vickers hardness matching with that of sintered alumina. The designed alumina/Ti alloy hybrid can be a potential candidate for wear resistance applications.

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Contributing Editor: Eugene Medvedovski

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