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  • ISSN: 0884-2914 (Print), 2044-5326 (Online)
  • Editor: Gary L. Messing Ceramic Materials, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Editorial board
Journal of Materials Research (JMR) publishes the latest advances about the creation of new materials and materials with novel functionalities, fundamental understanding of processes that control the response of materials, and development of materials with significant performance improvements relative to state of the art materials.

2018 JMR Paper of the Year Announced 

Congratulations to Huachen Cui, Ryan Hensleigh, Hongshun Chen and Xiaoyu Zheng of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for their article, Additive Manufacturing and size-dependent mechanical properties of three-dimensional microarchitected, high-temperature ceramic metamaterials.

Watch a video abstract of their article below and enjoy free access in perpetuity.

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Call for Papers

JMR Call for PapersCall for Papers: Polymers/Soft Matter
JMR welcomes papers that highlight novel processing techniques, the application and development of new analytical tools, and interpretation of fundamental materials science to achieve enhanced materials properties and uses.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: The Science and Technology of Vapor Phase Processing and Modification of Surfaces
Submission deadline: August
1, 2019
This JMR Focus Issue solicits papers that report advances in the synthesis, processing, and performance of materials enhanced by vapor phase processes.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Atomic layer deposition for emerging thin-film materials and applications
Submission deadline: September 1, 2019
This JMR Focus Issue provides a research forum to exchange the latest outcomes using ALD for emerging thin-film materials and explore the potentials of ALD materials for future applications.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Heterogeneity in Beyond Graphene 2D Materials
Submission deadline: November 1, 2019
This JMR focus issue serves to report the latest advances in the area of 2D and layered materials.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Interactions of Shear Transformation Bands: Characteristics of Microstructure and Properties
Submission deadline: December 1, 2019
This Focus Issue serves to report the current understanding of interactions between shear transformation bands in structural materials.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Complex Microstructures and Architecture Design
Submission deadline: January 1, 2020
The goal of this JMR Focus Issue is to highlight research on AM-produced microstructures and their impact on mechanical and physical properties of metallic materials.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Sandphobic Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings for Gas Turbine Engines
Submission deadline: February
1, 2020
This JMR Focus Issue will highlight research on sand ingestion into gas turbine engines and potential mitigation strategies.

Call for Proposals for Journal of Materials ResearchCall for Proposals: 2020 JMR Focus Issues
Proposals are being accepted for JMR Focus issues to be published in 2020.

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