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Making lipid membranes even tougher

  • Jognandan Prashar (a1), Phillip Sharp (a1), Mathew Scarffe (a1) and Bruce Cornell (a1)

Biosensors based on lipid membranes promise an inexpensive and versatile platform for application in many fields of molecular sensing. An extensive review of the applications for tethered membranes was reported in the July 2006 MRS Bulletin [A.N. Parikh and J.T. Groves, Materials science of supported lipid membranes. MRS Bull.31(8), 507 (2006)]. The commercial use to which tethered lipid membranes have been applied has been limited by their stability under long-term storage. This report describes a novel membrane construct that is stable at room temperature for months, eliminates the mobile lipid phase present in lipid bilayers, and is robust against detergents under conditions that would destroy a lipid bilayer.

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