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Scolecodont systematics exemplified by the polychaete Hadoprion cervicornis (Hinde, 1879)

  • Mats Eriksson (a1) and Claes F. Bergman (a2)


Hadoprion cervicornis (Hinde, 1879) from the Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian (Cincinnatian to Medinian) replaces four generic and eight specific names: Arabellites cervicornis, A. aciculatus, Oenonites acinaces, Ildraites horridus, I. laeohorridus, I. cervicornis, Nereidavus hamus, and N. alatus. This example illustrates the advantages of a nomenclature in accordance with the ICZN. The authors reject the use of parataxonomy for fossil jawed polychaetes.



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Scolecodont systematics exemplified by the polychaete Hadoprion cervicornis (Hinde, 1879)

  • Mats Eriksson (a1) and Claes F. Bergman (a2)


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