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Taxonomic discussion of the scolecodont genera Nereidavus Grinnell, 1877, and Protarabellites Stauffer, 1933 (Annelida: Polychaeta)

  • Mats Eriksson (a1)


The scolecodont genera Nereidavus Grinnell, 1877, and Protarabellites Stauffer, 1933, have been used for several different fossil polychaete taxa over the years. Nereidavus is here considered a nomen dubium, as the holotype of the type species is lost and the original information is insufficient for identification. Protarabellites is reevaluated and constitutes, besides Ramphoprion, a second genus in the family Ramphoprionidae. The “paratype” of N. varians (named Ramphoprion sp. in this paper), and the holotype of P. humilis are redescribed.



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Taxonomic discussion of the scolecodont genera Nereidavus Grinnell, 1877, and Protarabellites Stauffer, 1933 (Annelida: Polychaeta)

  • Mats Eriksson (a1)


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