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Laser irradiation of thin films: Effect of energy transformation

  • Mikhail E. Povarnitsyn (a1), Nikolay E. Andreev (a1), Pavel R. Levashov (a1), Konstantin V. Khishchenko (a1), Dmitry A. Kim (a2), Vladimir G. Novikov (a2) and Olga N. Rosmej (a3)...

The irradiation of thin films by intensive subpicosecond laser pulses with nanosecond prepulse is accompanied by a number of various physical processes. The laser beam transmissions through the film as well as the re-emission flux on both sides of the film plasma have been evaluated by simulation for Al and CH2 materials. It has been demonstrated that the thickness of the film can be chosen to cut off the long nanosecond prepulse whereas the main pulse is transmitted through the plasma. Thus, thin films can be useful for the laser contrast improvement in experiments with different targets.

Nevertheless, the laser energy transformation into the soft X-ray radiation on the back side of the shielding film plasma can reach up to 7% of the incident intensity for the Al film and result in strong preheating of the target. At the same time the re-emission flux produced by a CH2 film is an order lower than that in the case of Al film. The shielding of an Ag bulk target by Al and CH2 films is simulated and discussed.

Corresponding author
Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Mikhail E. Povarnitsyn, Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS, Izhorskaya 13 Bldg 2, Moscow 125412, Russia. E-mail:
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