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Additions to the marine alien fauna of Greek waters (2007 update)

  • A. Zenetos (a1), V. Vassilopoulou (a2), M. Salomidi (a1) and D. Poursanidis (a3)

The list of marine alien fauna in Greek waters is updated taking into account new findings (published and unpublished data). According to the present work, the number of species increases from 102 to 110. Of the eight new records, five are zoobenthic species, two zooplanktonic and another one a teleost fish. Moreover, records referring to the expansion range of aliens from an established stand to new areas are also presented, pointing out the species that could be considered as possible invaders to local communities.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: A. Zenetos, Hellenic centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceangraphy, Anavissos 19013, Attica, Greece email:
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