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All-Printed Transistors on Nano Cellulose Substrate

  • Tomi Hassinen (a1), Ari Alastalo (a1), Kim Eiroma (a1), Tiia-Maria Tenhunen (a1), Vesa Kunnari (a1), Timo Kaljunen (a1), Ulla Forsström (a1) and Tekla Tammelin (a1)...

We report fully-printed top-gate-bottom-contact organic thin-film transistors using substrates prepared from cellulose nanofibers and commercially available printing inks to fabricate the devices. Gravure printing was used to coat the substrate with a polymer resist to decrease the surface roughness and close the surface. Transistor structures were fabricated using inkjet printing for conductors and gravure printing for the dielectric and semiconducting layers. The obtained transistor performance is compared to that of similar transistors on plastic substrate.

Corresponding author
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