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HgTe, the Most Tunable Colloidal Material: from the Strong Confinement Regime to THz Material

  • Clément Livache (a1) (a2), Nicolas Goubet (a1) (a2), Bertille Martinez (a1) (a2), Eva Izquierdo (a2), Charlie Greboval (a1), Sandrine Ithurria (a2) and Emmanuel Lhuillier (a1)...


HgTe nanocrystals are extremely interesting materials to obtain a highly tunable absorption spectrum in the infrared range. Here, we discuss the two extreme cases of strongly confined and barely confined HgTe nanocrystals. We discuss the synthesis and optoelectronic properties of HgTe 2D nanoplatelets where the confinement energy can be as large as 1.5 eV. This material presents enhanced (mostly narrower) light emitting properties compared to spherical nanocrystals emitting at the same wavelength. Moreover, absorption spectra, majority carriers and time response can be tuned by carefully choosing the surface chemistry and applying a well-chosen gate bias. HgTe can also be used to explore the effect of vanishing confinement and to obtain quasi bulk properties with tunable absorption in the THz, up to 150 µm.


Corresponding author



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