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Effects of alkyl chain positioning on conjugated polymer microstructure and field-effect mobilities

  • Bob C. Schroeder (a1), Christian B. Nielsen (a1), Paul Westacott (a2), Jeremy Smith (a3), Stephan Rossbauer (a3), Thomas D. Anthopoulos (a3), Natalie Stingelin (a2) and Iain McCulloch (a1) (a4)...


Solubilizing alkyl chains play a crucial role in the design of semiconducting polymers because they define the materials solubility and processability as well as both the crystallinity and solid-state microstructure. In this paper, we present a scarcely explored design approach by attaching the alkyl side chains on one side (cis-) or on both sides (trans-) of the conjugated backbone. We further investigate the effects of this structural modification on the solid-state properties of the polymers and on the charge-carrier mobilities in organic thin-film transistors.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Bob C. Schroeder


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Effects of alkyl chain positioning on conjugated polymer microstructure and field-effect mobilities

  • Bob C. Schroeder (a1), Christian B. Nielsen (a1), Paul Westacott (a2), Jeremy Smith (a3), Stephan Rossbauer (a3), Thomas D. Anthopoulos (a3), Natalie Stingelin (a2) and Iain McCulloch (a1) (a4)...


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