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3D Photonic Structures by Sol-Gel Imprint Lithography

  • Marc Verschuuren (a1) and Hans Van Sprang (a1)


We present a new and relatively simple process to manufacture three-dimensional sub-micron structures over square centimeter areas using a soft stamp imprinting process. The room-temperature replication process shows excellent quality in transferring features directly into inorganic silica material with pattern distortion smaller than 0.03% over an area of 15×15mm2. Using a self assembly planarization method the imprinting process can be repeated to form three-dimensional structures. As a demonstration, a multilayer stack of four crossed gratings is shown.



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3D Photonic Structures by Sol-Gel Imprint Lithography

  • Marc Verschuuren (a1) and Hans Van Sprang (a1)


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