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Active Polymer Nanoparticles: Delivery of Antibiotics

  • Monica Rabinovich (a1), Shankari N. Somayaji (a2), Rajeev Raghavan Pillai (a3), Michael C. Hudson (a4), J. Kent Ellington (a5), Michael Bosse (a6), James Horton (a7) and Kenneth E. Gonsalves (a8)...

Antibiotic-encapsulated PLA and PLGA nanoparticles were prepared by the single emulsion-solvent evaporation technique. Different PLA and PLGA systems were prepared, varying the copolymer composition and the amount of the surfactant polyvinyl alcohol. Characterization and drug loading studies were performed by UV-Visible spectrophotometry, dynamic light scattering, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Simultaneously, in order to model the diffusion of the nanoparticles within the osteoblast, QDs such as functionalized InGaP/ZnS and polymer encapsulated InGaP/ZnS nanoparticles were added to confluent cultures of primary mouse osteoblasts. Following PreFer fixation, cultures were examined via confocal microscopy. QDs were clearly visible within osteoblasts.

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