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Bias Controlled Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond Thin Film on Various Substrates

  • Y. H. Lee (a1), G.-H. Ma (a1), K. J. Bachmann (a1) and J. T. Glass (a1)


The growth of diamond films on Si(001), polycrystalline Ni, Mo, Ta, and W substrates by biased controlled chemical vapor deposition is discussed. Biasing effects were examined using the Si(001) substrates. The film quality as judged by Raman spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy depended strongly on the biasing conditions. Under low current reverse bias conditions, highly faceted cubooctahedral polycrystalline diamond growth exhibiting a single sharp Raman line at 1332 cm-1 was obtained. Transmission electron microscopy indicated that these films contained relatively low defect densities and no significant interfacial layers. Biasing into high current conditions which created a plasma resulted in multiply twinned, microcrystalline growth incorporating sp2 bonded carbon into the diamond film. Such films were found to contain very high defect densities and a relatively thick interfacial layer. An investigation of the effects of substrate material was also conducted. Films grown on Si, Ni and W exhibited the best quality. The relationship between this quality and substrate properties such as surface energy and lattice parameter is discussed.



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