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A HgI2 Microstrip Detector Based on Resistive Charge Division Readout

  • D. Grassi (a1), F. Murolo (a1), E. Perillo (a1), G. Spadaccini (a1), M. Vigilante (a1), M. Amann (a2), J.M. Koebel (a2), P. Siffert (a2) and W. Dusi (a3)...


A HgI2 linear array detector with a surface resistive layer between the readout strips has been constructed with the aim of achieving the maximum possible active detection area and a spatial resolution of ≈ 50 µm, by using an analog readout of the strip outputs and a centroid finding algorithm.

This device has been developed as a high efficiency position-sensitive detector for use in a Bragg X-ray spectrometer, designed for detecting X-ray photons with energies up to ≈ 30 keV.

Calculations performed by taking into account the various sources of electronic noise have allowed the optimization of the interstrip distance and resistance.

Fabrication techniques and preliminary results on energy and spatial resolution are reported and discussed.



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