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Magnetic Structure and Thermal Expansion of Eu4Ga8Ge16

  • Henrik Birkedal (a1), J. Daniel Bryan (a1), Galen. D. Stucky (a1), Mogens Christensen (a2) and Bo B. Iversen (a2)...


The orthorhombic clathrate compound Eu4Ga8Ge16 orders antiferromagnetically at about 8 K. The magnetic structure is established by neutron powder diffraction while the thermal expansion and atomic displacement parameters are studied by synchrotron powder diffraction. The Eu spins align along the a-axis and achieve a zero-temperature magnetic moment equivalent to that of the free Eu2+ ion. The thermal expansion is largest along the a-axis while the expansion along c has almost the same magnitude as that along b. The Eu displacement parameters display significant residual values at 0 K, largest in the c direction.



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Magnetic Structure and Thermal Expansion of Eu4Ga8Ge16

  • Henrik Birkedal (a1), J. Daniel Bryan (a1), Galen. D. Stucky (a1), Mogens Christensen (a2) and Bo B. Iversen (a2)...


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