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Multivalent Biomimetic Glyconanoparticle Platforms as QCM Amplifiers for Lectin-carbohydrate Interactions

  • Eugene Mahon (a1), Teodor Aastrup (a2) and Mihail Barboiu (a3)

The Lectin-Carbohydrate interaction was investigated by combining the Quartz Crystal Microbalance-QCM technique with signal amplifying biomimetic nanoparticle-NP platforms. A library of glyconanoparticles was prepared and the avidity of these NPs for immobilised lectin layers was then evaluated by a QCM setup. Large responses were observed as a result of surface recognition by nanoparticles displaying the appropriate molecular functionality. Large affinity enhancements were also in evidence due to the biomimetic nature of the glyconanoparticle assemblies' carbohydrate presentation demonstrating evidence of the cluster glycoside effect.

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