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Optical characterization of a InGaN/GaN microcavity with epitaxial AlInN/GaN bottom DBR

  • A. Franke (a1), B. Bastek (a1), S. Sterling (a1), O. August (a1), S. Petzold (a1), P. Veit (a1), J. Christen (a1), P. Moser (a1), M. Wieneke (a1), C. Berger (a1), J. Bläsing (a1), A. Dadgar (a1) and A. Krost (a1)...


Resonant coupling of an optical mode confined within a microcavity and an emitter is the basic prerequisite for the observation of Bose-Einstein condensation phenomena and the development of novel optical devices based on cavity polaritons.

We demonstrate highly spatially resolved 2” wafer characterization of the reflectivity and emission properties of a nitride based multi quantum well semi microcavity (i.e. structure without top Bragg reflector) to verify resonant regions. Photoluminescence and reflectivity spectra recorded at the same positions on the wafer exhibit a strong spatial dependence of the multi quantum well emission and the center wavelength of the stop band of the bottom Bragg reflector across the sample. Resonance, i.e., matching of the emission and the center wavelength of the stop band, is found in a region 8 mm off the center of the wafer.

The thickness profile across the AlInN/GaN Bragg reflector and multi quantum well layers was obtained by x-ray mappings over the full wafer. A perfect correlation between the local optical properties and the x-ray thickness distribution is found. Additional transmission electron microscopy investigations indicate a complete crack free structure and smooth interfaces between the layers within the Bragg reflector making the structure appropriate for strong coupling applications.



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