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Process and Mechanism of CoSi2/Si Solid Phase Epitaxy by Multilayer Reaction

  • Bing-Zong Li (a1), Xin-Ping Qu (a1), Guo-Ping Ru (a1), Ning Wang (a2) and Paul Chu (a2)...

A multilayer structure of Co/a-Si/Ti/Si(100) together with Co/Ti/Si(100) is applied to investigate the process and mechanism of CoSi2 epitaxial growth on a Si(100) substrate. The experimental results show that by adding an amorphous Si layer with a certain thickness, the epitaxial quality of CoSi2 is significantly improved. A multi-element amorphous layer is formed by a solid state amorphization reaction at the initial stage of the multilayer reaction. This layer acts as a diffusion barrier, which controls the atomic interdiffusion of Co and Si and limits the supply of Co atoms. It has a vital effect on the multilayer reaction kinetics, and the epitaxial growth of CoSi2 on Si. The kinetics of the CoSi2 growth process from multilayer reactions is investigated.

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