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Solution Synthesis of Epitaxial Rare-Earth Oxide Thin Films on Roll-Textured Nickel

  • Jonathan S. Morrell (a1), Ziling B. Xue (a1), Mariappan Paranthaman (a2), Thomas G. Chirayil (a2), Catherine E. Vallet (a2), David B. Beach (a3) and Eliot D. Specht (a4)...


Using solution chemistry, epitaxial films of rare-earth oxides of the general formula RE2O3 (where RE = Sm to Lu) were prepared on cubic-textured nickel tapes. Solutions of metal methoxyethoxides or metal acetate/methoxyethoxides in 2-methoxyethanol were used to coat rolltextured nickel tapes using either spin-coating or dip-coating. Coated tapes were subsequently heated in a reducing atmosphere at temperatures between 950 °C and 1160 °C for varying lengths of time. Film quality was determined using X-ray diffraction and electron and surface probe microscopy. Films were found to be oriented both in and out-of-plane of the substrate, free of pinholes and gross defects, and of sufficient quality for use as substrates for high Tc, superconductors.



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