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Time Dependent Deformation During Indentation Testing

  • B. N. Lucas (a1), W. C. Oliver (a1), G. M. Pharr (a2) and J-L. Loubet (a3)


Constant loading rate/load indentation tests (1/P dP/dt) and constant rate of loading followed by constant load (CRL/Hold) indentation creep tests have been conducted on high purity electropolished indium. It is shown that for a material with a constant hardness as a function of depth, a constant (1/P dP/dt) load-time history results in a constant indentation strain rate (1/h dh/dt). The results of the two types of tests are discussed and compared to data in the literature for constant stress tensile tests. The results from the constant (1/P dP/dt) experiments appear to give the best correlation to steady-state uniaxial data.



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1. Mayo, M.J. and Nix, W.D., Acta. Met. 36, 21832192 (1988).
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4. Bower, A.F., Fleck, N.A., Needleman, A., and Ogbonna, N., Proc. R. Soc. Lond.Å 441, 97124 (1993).


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