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  • Katy Hamilton (a1)


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1 These volumes are: Hofmann, Kurt, Johannes Brahms und Kiel. Ein Beitrag zur Musikgeschichte Kiels (Hamburg: Brahms-Gesellschaft, 1973); Johannes Brahms und Hamburg (Reinbeck: Dialog-Verlag, 1986); Die Bibliothek von Johannes Brahms (Hamburg: Karl Dieter Wagner, 1974); Hofmann, Renate and Hofmann, Kurt, Johannes Brahms in Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden, 1996); and Hofmann, Renate and Hofmann, Kurt, Johannes Brahms als Pianist und Dirigent (Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 2006).

2 A complete list of staff, including a link to both CV and publication lists for Sandberger, is available at (all pages in this review accessed 12–13 April 2017).

3 See This is one of a number of pages across the site that is available in English as well as German. As far as possible, hyperlinks are provided to English-language versions of pages. The German-language pages can be reached by simply removing the ‘_en’ component from each URL.

5 – this document is available in German only. There is also a link to ‘New Items’, which provides an individual listing of acquisitions dating back to April 2006. This page has also not been translated, presumably because the catalogue itself is only in German:

7 See for example the pages of the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival and Mendelssohn-Stiftung Leipzig

8 All pages were viewed using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge using a PC running on Windows 10.

10 Sandberger, Wolfgang, Brahms-Handbuch (Stuttgart: Metzler Verlag, 2009). See

12 – these videos are also available via the YouTube channel of the Musikhochschule Lübeck, MHL Live: (though no link to this is provided within the Institut webpage). Although several of the videos are specifically concerned with Brahms, the interview with Sepec is a more general ‘in conversation’, including demonstrations on modern and Baroque violins and a discussion of electric violins – it is for a more general interest audience, in other words, than simply that of Brahms specialists.

13 Some information has been gleaned using the collection of the Johannes-Brahms-Gesamtausgabe Forschungsstelle in Kiel, to supplement Lübeck’s own holdings. These are colour-coded for ease of reference: see

14 For example the D-LÜbi link at,_Op.47_(Brahms,_Johannes) links directly to – it is the first edition of the complete opus that is given on IMSLP. A search for D-LÜbi within IMSLP yields about 200 results:

15 Within see: Theodor Kirchner (Nr.32030), Inv. Nr.: ABH 1 . 7 . 4 . 375.

16 It is made clear, at least, that images are not touched up in any way:

17 Perhaps one of the most interesting of these is Dvořák’s handwritten plan for his symphonic poem Polednice (The Noonday Witch) op. 108, Inv. Nr.: ABH 9.31:

19 Details of some of the more prominent figures in Brahms’s address book (notable composers, close friends and colleagues) have been transcribed as part of the navigation information given on this page:

20 The Kirchner-Nachlass Project was overseen by Dr Fabian Bergener. See

23 Project partners are listed as follows:

25 The general citation for the BBV is listed as: Wolfgang Sandberger, Christiane Wiesenfeldt, Brahms-Briefwechsel-Verzeichnis (BBV): chronologisch-systematisches Verzeichnis sämtlicher Briefe von und an Johannes Brahms, funded by Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft with Fabian Bergener, Peter Schmitz und Andreas Hund,, 2010.

26 (N.B. The database itself is only available in German, despite instructions for use being provided bilingually.)

27 These include Ferenc Bónis, A Budapesti Filharmóniai Társagág szávötven esztendeje 1853–2993 [150 years of the Budapest Philharmonic Society] (Budapest: Balassi Kiadó, 2005) and Wilhelm Raupp, Eugen d’Albert (Leipzig: Koehler & Amelang, 1930), which is the only published source for six letters.

30 The Brahms-Sammlung of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde was added to UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World’ Register in 2005:

32 These sites can be found as follows:



Archiv der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde:

Johannes Brahms Gesamtausgabe:

Joseph Joachim research site:

Nachlass of Julius Stockhausen:


  • Katy Hamilton (a1)


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