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The Incidence of Multiplicity Among Bright Stellar Systems

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  12 July 2007

Peter P. Eggleton
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA94551, USA email:
Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton
U. C. Berkeley Extension, 1995 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720-7002 email:
Xander Dearborn
1770 Walnut Ave, Livermore, CA 94551, USA email:
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We consider the multiplicity of stellar systems with (combined) magnitude brighter than 6.00 in Hipparcos magnitudes. We identify 4555 such bright systems, and the frequencies of multiplicities 1, 2, . . , 7 are found to be 2722, 1412, 299, 86, 22, 12 and 2. We also consider the distributions of periods of orbits and sub-orbits. For the even more restricted set of 474 systems with VH ≤ 4.00 the proportions of higher multiples up to sextuple are progressively larger, suggesting incompleteness in even the relatively well-studied larger sample.

We construct a Monte-Carlo algorithm that will generate systems with roughly the observed multiplicities and orbital parameters, taking account of selection effects.

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