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Micro-Raman study of nanodiamonds from Allende meteorite

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  01 February 2008

Arnold Gucsik
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Department of Geochemistry, Mainz, Germany email:
Ulrich Ott
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Department of Geochemistry, Mainz, Germany email:
Edit Marosits
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Department of Geochemistry, Mainz, Germany email:
Anna Karczemska
Technical University of Lodz, Institute of Turbomachinery, Lodz, Poland
Marcin Kozanecki
Technical University of Lodz, Department of Molecular Physics, Lodz, Poland
Marian Szurgot
Technical University of Lodz, Center for Mathematics and Physics, Lodz, Poland
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We have studied the Raman spectroscopic signatures of nanodiamonds from the Allende meteorite in which some portions must be of presolar origin as indicated by the isotopic compositions of various trace elements. The spectra of the meteoritic nanodiamond show a narrow peak at 1326 cm−1 and a broad band at 1590 cm−1. Compared to the intensities of these peaks, the background fluorescence is relatively high. A significant frequency shift from 1332 to 1326 cm−1, peak broadening, and appearance of a new peak at 1590 cm−1 might be due to shock effects during formation of the diamond grains. Such changes may have several origins: an increase in bond length, a change in the electron density function or charge transfer, or a combination of these factors. However, Raman spectroscopy alone does not allow distinguishing between a shock origin of the nanodiamonds and formation by a CVD process as is favored by most workers.

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