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Outflows in the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 5643 traced by the [S iii] emission

  • Rogemar A. Riffel (a1), C. Hekatelyne (a1) and Izabel C. Freitas (a1) (a2)

We use Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph integral Field Unit observations of the inner 285 × 400 pc2 region of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 5643 to map the [S iii]λ9069 emission line flux distribution and kinematics, as well as the stellar kinematics, derived by fitting the Ca iiλλλ8498,8542,8662 triplet, at a spatial resolution of 45 pc. The stellar velocity field shows regular rotation, with a projected velocity of 100 km s−1 and kinematic major axis along a position angle of –36°. A ring of low stellar velocity dispersion values (∼70 km s−1), attributed to young/intermediate age stellar populations, is seen surrounding the nucleus with a radius of 50 pc. We found that the [S iii] flux distribution shows an elongated structure along the east–west direction and its kinematics is dominated by outflows within a bi-cone at an ionised gas outflow rate of 0.3 M yr−1. In addition, velocity slices across the [S iii]λ9069 emission line reveal a kinematic component attributed to rotation of gas in the plane of the galaxy.

Corresponding author
Author for correspondence: Rogemar A. Riffel, Email:
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