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V2492 Cygni: Optical BVRI Variability During the Period 2010–2017

  • Sunay I. Ibryamov (a1), Evgeni H. Semkov (a2) and Stoyanka P. Peneva (a2)

Results from BVRI photometric observations of the young stellar object V2492 Cyg collected during the period from August 2010 to December 2017 are presented. The star is located in the field of the Pelican Nebula and it was discovered in 2010 due to its remarkable increase in the brightness by more than 5 mag in R-band. According to the first hypothesis of the variability, V2492 Cyg is an FUor candidate. During subsequent observations, it was reported that the star shows the characteristics inherent to EXor- and UXor-type variables. The optical data show that during the whole time of observations the star exhibits multiple large amplitude increases and drops in the brightness. In the beginning of 2017, we registered a significant increase in the optical brightness of V2492 Cyg, which seriously exceeds the maximal magnitudes registered after 2010.

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