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Preliminary paleoenvironmental analysis of permafrost deposits at Batagaika megaslump, Yana Uplands, northeast Siberia

  • Julian B. Murton (a1), Mary E. Edwards (a2) (a3), Anatoly V. Lozhkin (a4), Patricia M. Anderson (a5), Grigoriy N. Savvinov (a6), Nadezhda Bakulina (a7), Olesya V. Bondarenko (a8), Marina V. Cherepanova (a8), Petr P. Danilov (a6), Vasiliy Boeskorov (a6), Tomasz Goslar (a9) (a10), Semyon Grigoriev (a11), Stanislav V. Gubin (a12), Julia A. Korzun (a4), Alexei V. Lupachev (a12), Alexei Tikhonov (a13), Valeriya I. Tsygankova (a4), Galina V. Vasilieva (a14) and Oksana G. Zanina (a12)...

A megaslump at Batagaika, in northern Yakutia, exposes a remarkable stratigraphic sequence of permafrost deposits ~50–80 m thick. To determine their potential for answering key questions about Quaternary environmental and climatic change in northeast Siberia, we carried out a reconnaissance study of their cryostratigraphy and paleoecology, supported by four rangefinder 14C ages. The sequence includes two ice complexes separated by a unit of fine sand containing narrow syngenetic ice wedges and multiple paleosols. Overall, the sequence developed as permafrost grew syngenetically through an eolian sand sheet aggrading on a hillslope. Wood remains occur in two forest beds, each associated with a reddened weathering horizon. The lower bed contains high amounts of Larix pollen (>20%), plus small amounts of Picea and Pinus pumila, and is attributed to interglacial conditions. Pollen from the overlying sequence is dominated by herbaceous taxa (~70%–80%) attributed to an open tundra landscape during interstadial climatic conditions. Of three hypothetical age schemes considered, we tentatively attribute much of the Batagaika sequence to Marine Oxygen Isotope Stage (MIS) 3. The upper and lower forest beds may represent a mid–MIS 3 optimum and MIS 5, respectively, although we cannot discount alternative attributions to MIS 5 and 7.

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      Preliminary paleoenvironmental analysis of permafrost deposits at Batagaika megaslump, Yana Uplands, northeast Siberia
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      Preliminary paleoenvironmental analysis of permafrost deposits at Batagaika megaslump, Yana Uplands, northeast Siberia
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      Preliminary paleoenvironmental analysis of permafrost deposits at Batagaika megaslump, Yana Uplands, northeast Siberia
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Corresponding author
*Corresponding author at: Permafrost Laboratory, Department of Geography, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QJ, United Kingdom. E-mail address: (J.B. Murton).
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