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New AMS 14C Dates for Human Remains from Stone Age Sites in the Iron Gates Reach of the Danube, Southeast Europe

  • Clive Bonsall (a1), Rastko Vasić (a2), Adina Boroneanţ (a3), Mirjana Roksandic (a4), Andrei Soficaru (a5), Kathleen McSweeney (a1), Anna Evatt (a1), Ülle Aguraiuja (a1), Catriona Pickard (a1), Vesna Dimitrijević (a6), Thomas Higham (a7), Derek Hamilton (a8) and Gordon Cook (a8)...

Archaeological investigations in the Iron Gates reach of the Lower Danube Valley between 1964 and 1984 revealed an important concentration of Stone Age sites, which together provide the most detailed record of Mesolithic and Early Neolithic settlement from any area of southeastern Europe. Over 425 human burials were excavated from 15 sites. Of these, less than one-fifth have been directly dated. This article presents 37 new AMS dates on human bone from five sites in the Iron Gates, together with the corresponding δ13C and δ15N values. They include the first dates on human bone from two sites, Icoana and Velesnica. The results are important for the chronology of Stone Age mortuary practices in the Iron Gates and the timing of the Mesolithic–Neolithic transition in the region.

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