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Yale Natural Radiocarbon Measurements IX

  • Minze Stuiver (a1)

The present list represents a major portion of the samples measured since publication of the last date list in 1963. As in previous lists, dates are reported in terms of the 5568 yr half-life. Infinite dates are reported as beyond a limit equal to 2σ above background. Nearly all of the samples were measured in one of three quartz counters with backgrounds of 0.7 to 1.2 cpm per liter of effective counting volume at working pressures of about two atmospheres. The age errors quoted are based only on the standard deviations in counting rates of sample and standards.

The various C14 projects of the Radiocarbon Laboratory have been supported by the National Science Foundation, Grants GP 4879 and GA 1157; the tree ring research has been supported by the Atomic Energy Commission under contract AT (30-1) 2652. Technical assistance has been provided by Carolyn H. Morgan and Terry C. Eisensmith.

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      Yale Natural Radiocarbon Measurements IX
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      Yale Natural Radiocarbon Measurements IX
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      Yale Natural Radiocarbon Measurements IX
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Date lists:
Gak III Kigoshi, , 1963
Groningen VII Vogel, and Waterbolk, , 1967
IVIC I Tamers, , 1965
OWU I Ogden, and Hay, , 1964
Texas II Tamers, et al., 1964
Texas III Pearson, et al., 1965
USGS V Rubin, and Alexander, , 1960
Yale IV Deevey, et al., 1959
Yale V Stuiver, et al., 1960
Yale VI Stuiver, and Deevey, , 1961
Yale VII Stuiver, and Deevey, , 1962
Yale VIII Stuiver, et al., 1963
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