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Continues British Journal of International Studies (1975 - 1980)
Title history
  • ISSN: 0260-2105 (Print), 1469-9044 (Online)
  • Editors: Soumita Basu South Asian University, India, Andrew Hom University of Edinburgh, UK, and Cian O’Driscoll Australian National University, Australia
  • Editorial board
Review of International Studies (RIS) publishes high-quality research that makes significant contributions to conversations about global politics, broadly defined. We encourage submissions that are attentive to historical and contemporary dynamics of global politics and their effects. We welcome theoretically informed, empirically rich, and methodologically rigorous articles that significantly advance scholarship, including interdisciplinary research. RIS strives to be the place where a range of perspectives can flourish, where outstanding work is showcased and debated, and where the voices in those debates are drawn from a global community.

RIS is a British International Studies Association journal.

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