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Factors Affecting the Emotional Wellbeing of the Caregivers of Dementia Sufferers

  • Robin G. Morris (a1), Lorna W. Morris (a1) and Peter G. Britton (a1)

Recent research on the factors that mediate the emotional wellbeing of the caregivers of dementia sufferers is reviewed. The roles of such factors as the caregiver's attributional style and coping strategies, the caregiver's relationship with the dementia sufferer, and levels of formal and informal support are discussed with reference to identifying those caregivers who are particularly vulnerable to emotional disorder or strain.

Corresponding author
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Factors Affecting the Emotional Wellbeing of the Caregivers of Dementia Sufferers

  • Robin G. Morris (a1), Lorna W. Morris (a1) and Peter G. Britton (a1)
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