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IgY – Immune component of eggs as a source of passive immunity for animals and humans

  • M.E. COOK (a1) and D.L. TROTT (a2)

Antibodies deposited in the avian egg have been found to be a platform for the production of a diverse array of safe commercial products for improving animal health and the efficiency of their production. This review provides over 20 years of experience and comments on the production, storage, stabilisation and use of egg yolk antibodies. Host targeted immuno-therapies presented in this review provides the reader with new areas of research and discovery. Standards for vaccination protocols, methods of isolating and storing the antibodies are also presented. Areas needing to advance the commercial use of egg antibodies, including methods to improve antibody titre, methods to heat stabilise the antibody molecule, and the identification of new uses and targets are also discussed. Examples of successful uses of egg antibodies as feed additives are also presented.

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