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The two-volume Cambridge History of European Thought presents a comprehensive survey of the intellectual history of Europe from the late eighteenth century to the present. The two volumes are divided chronologically, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and 'European thought' is broadly interpreted to include all of the central interests of modern European intellectual history, including the history of philosophy, social and political thought, theology and aesthetics, with appropriate recognition of the broader global context. The volumes will not seek to present a 'master narrative' of European thought across this period, but they draw attention to the profound impact of the Enlightenment on European intellectual life, which particularly informs Volume 1. Volume 2 will explore the 'discourse of crisis' of the twentieth century. This two-volume history brings together the latest scholarship in the area from an international team of experts at all stages of their academic careers.

  • General Editors: Warren Breckman, University of Pennsylvania, Peter Gordon, Harvard University, Massachusetts