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Research transparency with Cambridge

Cambridge University Press is committed to the transparency and integrity of research we publish. Many of our journals have adopted policies on research transparency that encourage authors to share data and other materials that underpin their research findings. We support initiatives in research transparency such as Open Practice Badges and Registered Reports, which have also been adopted by many of our journals.

As well as being good practice for research, multiple studies have found that sharing data and other materials is associated with higher citation rates for articles. We encourage all of our authors to consider including a Data Availability Statement in their manuscript; to cite any datasets used in their research alongside literature and other references; and, when possible, to share data and other materials in an appropriate repository.

For research that may not involve quantitative data, we offer options for authors to annotate research to help increase the transparency of their findings.

Make sure to check your journal’s instructions for contributors, and any transparency policy it may have, to understand how you can meet its requirements for research transparency.