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  • Print publication year: 2001
  • Online publication date: March 2008

13 - The structures of musical life

from Part Two - 1850–1900
Many structures, which became accepted as staples of musical life in the late nineteenth century, had their roots in earlier traditions. In the sphere of art music, the second half of the nineteenth century saw the consolidation and wider dissemination of many of the structures and institutions which had been set up in Europe during the preceding decades, and which were now developing worldwide and gaining in status. By way of discussions of urban musical life, repertory and canon, elitism, moral improvement, gender and education, this chapter examines the institutions, practices, and assumptions which underpinned an increasingly globalised culture in which particular repertories of Western art music were canonised as pinnacles of musical achievement and set apart from other forms of musical entertainment. It concentrates essentially on the middle-class experience, both in itself and in the cultural relations which existed between the middle classes and those above and below them in the social hierarchy.
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The Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Music
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