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Computational Aeroacoustics
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Computational aeroacoustics (CAA) is a relatively new research area. CAA algorithms have developed rapidly and the methods have been applied in many areas of aeroacoustics. The objective of CAA is not simply to develop computational methods but also to use these methods to solve practical aeroacoustics problems and to perform numerical simulation of aeroacoustic phenomena. By analysing the simulation data, an investigator can determine noise generation mechanisms and sound propagation processes. This is both a textbook for graduate students and a reference for researchers in CAA and as such is self-contained. No prior knowledge of numerical methods for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) is needed, however, a general understanding of partial differential equations and basic numerical analysis is assumed. Exercises are included and are designed to be an integral part of the chapter content. In addition, sample computer programs are included to illustrate the implementation of the numerical algorithms.


'… a good textbook for graduate students and a reference book for researchers in CAA. Exercises are included and are designed to be an integral part of the chapter content. In addition, sample computer programs are included …'

Source: Zentralblatt MATH

'… highly recommended … The experience of the author is present throughout the book, and should help newcomers … This book should form part of the reference collection of any worker in advanced CFD methods.'

Michael J. Carley Source: Mathematical Reviews

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