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  • Nanofibres in a spin
  • 03 October 2017, Tom Crawford
  • Nano-materials are seen as the future in fields as diverse as medicine, technology and chemistry, but the methods used to create them are not yet fully understood.…...
  • SWI: a Barrier to Coastal Management
  • 20 September 2017, Tom Crawford
  • Maintaining water quality is a global concern and, with the onset of climate change and the increased expansion of the human population, it is likely only to...
  • Detlef Lohse awarded APS 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize
  • 06 September 2017, Tom Crawford
  • In celebration of JFM Editorial Board member Detlef Lohse recently being awarded the APS 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize, I present a special blog entry on his work.…...