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For all Sponsorship, Sponsored Supplement, Special or Themed Issue, and Special Collection enquiries, please contact us at

We accept sponsorship of certain journal activities and outputs. These include:

Sponsored Supplements

Supplements are an effective way to rapidly communicate your research to the academic and professional community within a prestigious peer-reviewed journal.  All Supplements are peer-reviewed in accordance with the journal’s peer review policy to the same high-quality editorial standards as regular issue content and are published within the main journal volume.  A Supplement is an additional publication beyond the normal number of issues within a journal Volume and is therefore funded by sponsors, examples of which might include, but not limited to, industry-specific businesses, not-for-profit organisations, government agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals.

Sponsored supplements are available at a minimum to all journal subscribers, however there are a variety of supplement options available. Funding bodies may choose to include a print component or to publish all articles Open Access with a CC-BY license, making sure you reach your target audience. 

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  • Work outside of regular production schedule
  • Logo on the supplement cover or preliminary pages
  • Introductory material from the sponsor

Special or Themed Issues

Some of our Journals may choose to commission collections of articles on a particular topic and may approach sponsors to support these special issues.

We also welcome suggestions for special/themed issues from sponsors, with the journal following all usual authorship, review, and acceptance processes and the journal maintaining all editorial control. You may also choose to sponsor making a special/themed issue Open Access by waiving open access publication fees.

For more details, contact us directly at


  • Logo on themed issue cover or preliminary pages
  • Authors made aware of issue sponsor

Sponsored Collections 

Sponsors may wish to collate and promote a content collection on a particular topic of relevance to their aims. This collection would be hosted on our Cambridge Core platform for an agreed period of time.

For more details, contact us directly at


  • Collection banner with sponsor logo
  • Blog post on Collection homepage explaining why the sponsor has chosen to sponsor this particular collection

Sponsor A Question 

Learn more about sponsoring a question in Research Directions here

Journal Level Sponsorship

Our journal sponsorship program is designed for companies and organizations interested in supporting our diverse range of publications.  Through this program, we aim to fund Gold Open Access publication for authors who may not have the means to cover Article Processing Charges (APCs). For further information, please reach out to