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Cambridge publishes in a number of areas of Computer Science, including artificial intelligence, programming languages, robotics, and the application of mathematics to computer science.

Computer Science and Maths blog

  • JFM Symposia 2017: Bangalore, India
  • 15 October 2018, Jesse Lund
  • In 2017, the Journal of Fluid Mechanics held their first series of mini-symposia organised by editorial board members from the journal and world-class researchers...
  • Flying beetles, stinging nettles and jellyfish
  • 10 October 2018, Tom Crawford
  • Tracking the invasive Rhinoceros Beetle in Hawai’i, studying how stinging nettles inject their toxin, and investigating the mechanism used by jellyfish to attack...
  • Singular perturbations in noisy dynamical systems
  • 24 September 2018, Martin Burger
  • The lead article for Issue 4, Voume 29 from the European Journal of Applied Mathematics is Professor Bernard J. Matkowsky’s personalized survey-style article...