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Cambridge publishes in a number of areas of Computer Science, including artificial intelligence, programming languages, robotics, and the application of mathematics to computer science.

Computer Science and Maths blog

  • John Ockendon Prize 2018 winner announced
  • 08 June 2018, Martin Burger
  • The European Journal of Applied Mathematics and Cambridge University Press are pleased to award the 2018 John Ockendon Prize to G.…
  • Martian Bees, Canopies, and Dandelion Seeds
  • 04 June 2018, Tom Crawford
  • Dandelion seeds that outperform man-made parachutes, designing the flow over forest canopies, and bee-inspired micro-robots for exploring Mars – catch...
  • Bees, Squid and Oil Plumes
  • 28 May 2018, Tom Crawford
  • Spring has almost sprung which means we’re taking a look at the fluid dynamics of bees, how to build squid-inspired robots and modelling oil plumes eight...