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Cambridge is one of the leading publishers in ecology and conservation biology and publishes high quality texts and research across the breadth of the life sciences, focusing particularly on animal behaviour, biological anthropology, evolutionary biology, computational and systems biology, as well as statistics and professional development titles for biologists. We also have an extensive portfolio of established journals in Agriculture, Ecology and Conservation, and Animal Science.

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  • Towards an improved estimation of animal feed efficiency
  • 15 June 2018, A Fischer
  • The animal article of the month for June is ‘Isolating the cow-specific part of residual energy intake in lactating dairy cows using random regressions ‘ Improving feed efficiency is essential for sustainable livestock farming: it is expected to reduce feed resources use and to decrease waste and environmental impacts.…...
  • Finding fresh ways of tackling Negative Energy Balance in dairy cattle
  • 17 May 2018, M. R. Bakhtiarizadeh
  • The animal article of the month for June is ‘Integrated regulatory network reveals novel candidate regulators in the development of negative energy balance The biological cycle of milk production for dairy cows is a crucial factor for dairy farmers.…...