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Cambridge University Press has a proud history of forming productive and enduring publishing relationships with learned societies, universities
, and professional associations. Our mission is to unlock people's potential with the best learning and research solutions.

Working with us

Supporting the academic community 
Our priority is to ensure the highest academic standards are met consistently in our publishing. Our charitable status allows us to offer a total commitment to academic excellence, free of short-term shareholder demands.  

Open Research 
As a university press and not-for-profit publisher, we are working in partnership with the communities we serve to help shape the future of scholarly communication. We are pioneering new approaches that are sustainable and maintain our reputation for quality and excellence. All communities around the world must be able to benefit from open research, irrespective of funding levels or other inequalities. 

We’re committed to making all our journal content available open access reflecting the belief that the pursuit of knowledge benefits directly from collaboration, transparency, rapid dissemination and accessibility.

Diversity & Inclusivity 
Cambridge University Press is committed to embedding diversity, removing barriers to inclusion, and promoting equity at every stage of our publishing process. We actively seek and encourage submissions from scholars of diverse backgrounds, including race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and disability. 

As an organisation we are committed to reducing our energy-related emissions to zero-carbon globally by 2048, with a 70% reduction by 2030. Read more about our environmental goals.

We are working with our publishing partners on a sustainable future while reducing our print components, which are the single biggest contributor to our carbon footprint in journals. 

Global profile
Cambridge University Press occupies a unique position within the academic journals market. We are small enough to offer partners a flexible and personal service, but with a global infrastructure and profile capable of delivering substantial market share. 

We operate with keen commercial awareness – with 11 regional headquarters, over 50 offices, selling into almost every country in the world – and deliver competitive financial returns for our societies to reinvest in their broader activities. 

We were one of the first publishers to launch a digital publishing platform and one of few today to offer significant in-house expertise dedicated to the development of new publishing technology. Our partners can trust Cambridge to optimise their digital impact, applying the latest technology sensitively and attracting high levels of usage. Our platforms are constantly evolving, driven by the needs of our publishing partners as well as those of our subscribers and readers.