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Ideas formulated in terms of statistics and probability are uniquely portable across applied modeling and data-driven disciplines. Cambridge's publishing supports and promotes this central role by keeping statistics and probability in communication with each other, with their mathematical roots, and with the applied disciplines that both motivate and use advances in theory, methods, and computation.

Statistics and Probabilities and Maths Blog

  • Bouncing, Floating, and Jetting
  • 24 April 2018, Tom Crawford
  • Oil jets from citrus fruits, balls that bounce on water, and self-propelled levitating plates – step inside some of the latest fluid dynamics research!…...
  • The Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize 2017
  • 23 February 2018, John Loxton, Editor, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • To be eligible for the 2017 Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize, papers must have been published in the Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society during the period...