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Information for conference organisers

The Animal Consortium together with Cambridge University Press offers conference organisers a package that enables publication of high-quality conference, symposium and workshop proceedings about animal-related aspects of the life sciences with emphasis on farmed and other managed animals.

Summaries, abstracts or full papers may be published in Advances in Animal Biosciences and high-quality invited papers from these meetings may be submitted and published as a defined series in animal.

Conference organizers interested in publishing their proceedings should send a proposal for publication in Advances in Animal Biosciences, animal, or both journals to with the following information:

• Title and date of conference

• Contact person/guest editor

• Number of summaries/abstracts/full papers

• Total number of pages (estimated)

• Any colour printing requirements

• Number of hard copies or USBs required and form of distribution

• Target date for publication

A decision in principle will be made regarding the suitability for publication on the basis of your proposal, and the Special Issues Editor will provide a quote and agree any specific requirements or deadlines. Manuscripts submitted to Advances in Animal Biosciences will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and papers submitted to animal will be peer reviewed. If accepted after review, proceedings will be published within 12 weeks of receipt by the Publisher.