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Genome-wide association study identifies quantitative trait loci regions involved in muscle acidic profile in Large White heavy pigs

  • G. Catillo (a1), M. Zappaterra (a2), P. Zambonelli (a2), L. Buttazzoni (a1), R. Steri (a1), G. Minelli (a3) and R. Davoli (a2)...


The widespread use of genome-wide association studies resulted in the discovery of genomic regions associated with fatty acid (FA) composition in different porcine tissues, but little information exists about the genes involved in FA composition of meat obtained from heavy pigs selected for the production of Italian dry-cured hams. To this objective, we genotyped with a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel 795 Italian Large White heavy pigs to identify the markers and genomic regions associated with Semimembranosus muscle FA profile. Heritability estimates for intramuscular fat FA profile were of low-to-moderate magnitude, suggesting that these traits may be improved with genomic selection. On the whole, 45 SNPs were significantly associated with 14 FAs, and 4 of them (ALGA008109, ALGA0081097, CASI0010164 and SIRI0000267) were associated with more than 1 FA. The palmitoleic : palmitic and oleic : stearic ratios displayed the highest number of significant markers and the most significant associations (Bonferroni adjusted P < 5.00E−07). Of particular interest, the palmitoleic : palmitic ratio was strongly associated with markers located at 111 to 114 Mb on chromosome 14, in the same chromosomal region where Stearoyl-CoA desaturase Δ9 (SCD) gene is located. Several significant chromosomal regions were found; some of them harbour key genes playing pivotal roles in FA desaturation and elongation, such as SCD and some members of the Elongation of Very Long-Chain FA (ELOVL) gene family. The results suggest that the identification of causal mutations in these regions may provide a set of markers useful for selection schemes aimed at improving FA composition in pork products.


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These authors contributed equally to this work.



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Genome-wide association study identifies quantitative trait loci regions involved in muscle acidic profile in Large White heavy pigs

  • G. Catillo (a1), M. Zappaterra (a2), P. Zambonelli (a2), L. Buttazzoni (a1), R. Steri (a1), G. Minelli (a3) and R. Davoli (a2)...


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