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Ounjougou (Mali): A history of holocene settlement at the southern edge of the Sahara

  • E. Huysecom (a1), S. Ozainne (a1), F. Raeli (a1), A. Ballouche (a2), M. Rasse (a3) and S. Stokes (a4)...

The area of Ounjougou consists of a series of gullies cut through Upper Pleistocene and Holocene formations on the Dogon Plateau in the Sahel at the south edge of the Sahara Desert. Here the authors have chronicled a stratified sequence of human occupation from the tenth to the second millennium BC, recording natural and anthropogenic strata containing artefacts and micro- and macro- palaeoecological remains, mostly in an excellent state of preservation. They present a first synthesis of the archaeological and environmental sequence for the Holocene period, define five main occupation phases for Ounjougou, and attempt to place them within the context of West African prehistory.

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