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Practicalities of care closer to home: seven key questions for community psychiatrists

  • Prasanna N. de Silva (a1)


This article aims to clarify what ‘care closer to home’ means to a community psychiatrist. Care closer to home can be operationalised as primary care liaison and the article reviews experience across England of how a liaison service can work with the recently organised primary care networks. Key competencies needed for liaising with primary care are discussed using seven questions, including bias mitigation, reducing bed-days, consultation skills, knowledge of emerging treatments and reducing administrative overheads while improving access.



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Practicalities of care closer to home: seven key questions for community psychiatrists

  • Prasanna N. de Silva (a1)


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Practicalities of care closer to home: seven key questions for community psychiatrists

  • Prasanna N. de Silva (a1)
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